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For incidents with conservative officers, landowners and hunters

As the original Cree and Dene peoples, we affirm our connection to our lands, waters, air, animals, environment, and resources since time immemorial. Our Inherent rights and jurisdiction were given to us by the Creator and our ancestors through sacred affirmations and ceremony. Our natural laws are based on our people’s relationship with our unceded lands, waters, plants, animals, ceremonies, spirituality, customs, languages, and traditions. Despite many attempts to assimilate us, distinguish our identities and way of life, our nationhood is stronger than ever.

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Our rights as Treaty 8 members

Our forefathers entered into an International Treaty with the Crown on June 21, 1899 which affirmed our Sovereignty was Nations. We are beneficiaries of Treaty No. 8 and were guaranteed rights, responsibilities, promise and obligations by the Crown as though we never entered Treaty. Our Inherent Rights to our livelihood, our way of life, including hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering ARE RETAINED under Treaty No. 8.

However, since first contact, our Nation Members have continuously been harassed, discriminated against and racially profiled, and our Inherent and Treaty Rights have been infringed upon and largely ignored by Canada and Alberta. Alberta laws contradict Inherent and Treaty Rights, and Aboriginal Rights as recognized and affirmed under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution Act, 1982.

This continued criminalization of our members in the ‘exercise’ of our rights and freedoms is illegal and any charges referred to under contradictory laws may likely fall under either of the following:

a.  The Wildlife Act RSA 200, cW-10;

b.  The Fisheries (Alberta) Act, RSA 2000, c F-16, or the federal statute; and

c.  The Fisheries Act RSC 1985, C F-14.

Further our Right to Bear Arms relative to our Inherent and Treaty Rights. Firearms charges that most often occur in hunting context are:

a.  Criminal Code s. 86(1) – Careless Storage, transportation, or use of a firearm; and,

b.  Criminal Code s. 94 – travelling with an unlicensed firearm.

Regulations may vary province to province. Regardless, our Inherent and Treaty Rights have no boundaries. Please voice your experience regardless of residency.

Offences contrary to our treaties:

  • Schools/Education
  • Doctors
  • Hospitals / Medicines
  • Hunting, Fishing, Trapping and Gathering Rights RETAINED
  • Bullets were supplied
  • Indians retain Mineral and Water Rights
  • Sub-surface rights retained
  • Land acquired by Queen was 
  • only 6” Surface Rights
  • Exempt from Taxation
  • Land purchased for Farm did not Include Forests
  • Rations provided
  • Policing
  • Legal representation
  • Exempt from war participation
  • No Indian shall hang by Rope
  • Right to Barter
  • Canvas for Tents
  • Cattle/Horses provided
  • Farm and Haying Equipment
  • Gardening Tools/Seed
  • In case of Hunger, all gates shall be opened

As understood by our Elders


It is also understood that the “red coats” (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) were established as the protectors of the Treaties.

If you have had experiences with Fish and Wildlife Officers, Conservation officers, Sheriffs or other government employees, or other land users while out on the land, in our territories, we would like to hear from you. Through this analysis, we can better understand the racial bias that our peoples are experiencing and our Sovereign Nations can seek accountability and change.

Or, if you prefer to speak to someone rather than provide details here, please email or, or call 780-444-9366 and ask for either Kevin Ahkimnachie or Glinis Buffalo.

These stories will be compiled and used to track incidents and to help guide our Sovereign Nations of Treaty 8 leadership in their efforts to stop the criminalizing of our Nation Members and address systemic racism.

NOTE: We are compiling this information to generate awareness about the violations of our constitutionally protected inherent rights resulting in harassment or racism that our Nation members face. If you have questions or concerns about confidentiality please email or phone at the contact above.

Our Inherent and Treaty Rights will not be regulated. Treaty No. 8 guarantees our way of life, our livelihood and a continuity of our way of life and livelihood.

This message has been approved by the Sovereign Nations of Treaty No. 8